Red Mylar packaged CRiKT BCON v4

Red Mylar packaged CRiKT BCON v4


This is our CRiKT packaged in a re-sealable red mylar package.  Ya we know, its not tactical, guess what, it's not supposed to be.  The packaging can double as a signaling device if your really up the creek.  It is also resealable, a feature our original CRiKT lacks.  The top is initially heat sealed, after you beat that heat seal you can still still it back up after use.  Most importantly it houses the industries best hemorrhage control modalities from Tactical Medical Solutions and ZMedica.  

This load out was built by the staff here at triple9, if you have a pack list you wish to use, reach out to us via our contact page and if it fits we will pack it for you.  

v4 BCON load out:

SOFTTW Tourniquet Orange

Combat Gauze hemostatic dressing

ESMark Compression Band

Mylar Blanket

Nitrile Gloves (1) pair

Patient Card