Outdoor Trauma Kit System v2 Loadout

Outdoor Trauma Kit System v2 Loadout


This is our Outdoor Trauma Kit with the v2 loadout. It includes our molle back panel. This molle allows you to secure it to your ruck or other soft gear which does not allow for the adhesive backed hook and loop. This system also includes the standard hook and loop adhesive so you can take your OTK with you from your vehicle, vessel or board and attach it to your ruck/pack when you go off on foot.  


Public Safety/First Responder inquires please contact Marc at (727)798-5659 or marc@trpl9.com


v2 Loadout :

Tourniquet-SOFTW (Tactical Medical Solutions).

Hemostatic-Quik Clot Combat Gauze (Z-Medica).

H&H Compressed packed standard gauze

ES Mark Compression dressing   


Duct tape 5’


Mylar Blanket