Outdoor Trauma Kit SAR UL Loadout

Outdoor Trauma Kit SAR UL Loadout


This is our tried and true triple9 Outdoor Trauma Kit v2 loadout, but with the addition of an ultra-light litter.  This litter from Tactical Medical Solutions is designed to hold up to 500lbs, more than enough to facilitate a non-ambulatory or unresponsive patient which a group would have to carry to a location which conventional EMS can access.  It is also a great option for any volunteer/professional SAR team who is looking for a slim, lightweight durable kit which can be carried in when weight and size must be small.


Public Safety/First Responder inquires please contact Marc at (727)798-5659 or marc@trpl9.com


V2 loadout:

Ultra-Light Liter (for vacuum packed option contact us directly)


Tourniquet-SOFTW (Tactical Medical Solutions).

Hemostatic-Quik Clot Combat Gauze (Z-Medica).

H&H Compressed packed standard gauze

ES Mark Compression dressing  


Duct tape 5’


Mylar Blanket