C.R.i.K.T. Compact Rescue individual Kit Trauma

C.R.i.K.T. Compact Rescue individual Kit Trauma


The CRiKT, is our way of providing to our customers the industries best trauma treatment modalities in a truly effective load out at a very good price.  We have removed the nylon and passed that savings on to you, our end users.  The kit is approximately 4"X5.5"X2", it fits easily into your back pocket of your jeans, your cargo pocket, backpack, computer bag, purse, car glove box/center console/seat back pocket, your waist bag, bike bag etc.  It is vacuum packed in a clear 4mil plastic bag making it easier at the TSA check point.  It is water proof so long as the vacuum seal holds, light weight and low profile.  

The CRiKT comes with:

(1) SOFTTW tourniquet

(1) Pack of Combat Gauze hemostatic

(1) Beacon Chest Seal

(1) Mylar Blanket

(1) Roll 4" wide control wrap

(1) Patient Card with color coded instructions

(1) pencil

We can create any load out our customer wish, the price will fluctuate based on items desired as will the size of the kit.  

First Responder and Public Safety please call in for pricing.