3D Guide Pack ERS Loadout

3D Guide Pack ERS Loadout


This is our 3D Guide Pack with our BLS/SAR ERS loadout.  It features the below list of treatment modalities and rescue mechanisms.  The 3D Guide Pack comes in either rescue red 1000d nylon or grey 420d ripstop nylon.

Public Safety/First Responder inquires please contact Marc at (727)798-5659 or marc@trpl9.com

ERS Strap-1


Combat Guaze-2 

Control Wrap 4”-1

Control Wrap 6”-1

Z Pak Gauze -1


HALO Chest Seal-1 

Helios Blanket -1

Duct tape board 5’-1 


Casualty Card-1 

Nitrile Gloves-1 

Redi Splint-1