CAGE Code:  869Y2

DUNS Number: 095426150

triple9 is a veteran and former first responder owned small business. The owners are a former US Marine, Marc, and a retired US Army Medic, Chris.  Chris is currently working as a EMS Division Fire Chief and a former Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) medic.  Marc is a former Police Officer who serviced on his departments Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) as a Immediate Reaction Team member and sniper.  Both men wish to continue to serve their communities by leading the entrance of livesaving  point of injury trauma care and rescue to the outdoor arena.   
9 was started with a focus on providing quality, functional outdoor trauma care in the form of an Outdoor Trauma Kit for single use self-aid/buddy aid.  The 3D Guide Pack bas been built for mass casualty, guides and search & rescue.  Our current outdoor trauma kit loadouts have a focus on hemorrhage control and point of injury trauma care.  We continue to evolve as a company offering effective, durable well price trauma kits.  We are a recognized content provider for the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.  Authorized Retailers for Tactical Medical Solutions, ZMedcia (Combat Gauze) and Rescue Craft.  
All of our kit bags and back packs are built right here in the USA.  The shop we use is Berry Amendment compliant, ISO9001 and can build to NFPA safety certification standards.
triple9 has also created a curriculum to provide trauma training to amateurs and professionals who choose to make the outdoors their playground.  Our training addresses a gap in equipment and knowledge which should be a critical aspect of any expedition pack list.  Adventure Trauma Care Training also known as ATC is a derivative of current tenants of military battlefield medicine and current translated civilian austere trauma medical care. Currently there are no tenants for trauma care in the outdoor/adventure environment. ATC’s goal is to provide guidance, education and equipment on trauma care for those engaged in Civilian Outdoor/Adventure Activities.
9 provides on-site customer training for ATC.  For more information contact us and request a quote.